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All our wedding and anniversary cakes are bespoke, designed especially for each brides requirements. A consultation is booked with the Cake Designer at The Exclusive Cake Shop & Vintage Tearooms, Hill House, Rumbolds Hill, North Street Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9BY. Pre the consultation we would need to know the wedding colour scheme, flowers, theme (if any), number of guests, and possible desired shape and any photos and pictures of possible designs. Then at the consultation we can have some initial design ideas to view. Flavours can also be sampled and any dietary needs discussed. The shape and number of tiers can be discussed.

Our wedding and anniversary cakes are made from good quality ingredients with tried and tested recipes gained from years of experience in the baking of cakes. The wedding and anniversary cakes can be sponge based, which can be flavoured, layered with flavoured butter cream and jam. Flavours can include strawberry, lemon, orange, rich moist chocolate, sticky toffee, butterscotch, lime, pineapple, coffee and pecan, cherry madeira, raspberry, vanilla, marshmallow and more... the sponge can then be covered with butter cream, chocolate ganache or regal icing. Alternatively a mature rich fruit cake can be used; these are made with good quality fruit, soaked in tea and brandy to moisten, and once cooked left to mature and fed with brandy. The cakes are then covered with a layer of marzipan and can be decorated with royal or regal icing.


Portion Guide

Fruit (round)

Sponge (round)

Fruit (square) Sponge (square)

6" serves 33

6" serves 16

6" serves 36

6" serves 18

7" serves 39

7" serves 20

7" serves 49

7" serves 24

8" serves 50

8" serves 26

8" serves 64

8" serves 32

9" serves 63

9" serves 30

9" serves 81

9" serves 40

10" serves 76

10" serves 38

10" serves 100

10" serves 50

11" serves 93

11" serves 46

11" serves 121

11" serves 60

12" serves 112

12" serves 56

12" serves 144

12" serves 72



The price of wedding cakes will vary according to the size, shape, type of cake, amount of handcrafted sugar work, the sugar craft work the more expensive the cake becomes.  Alternative to sugar work e.g. handcrafted sugar flowers are fresh or silk flowers, bows and beautiful brooches. As an outline price guide;

A 2 tier sponge cake, 6" and 10"  decorated with regal icing, wide satin ribbon, brooch and handcrafted sugar flower spray on top £320 or with fresh flowers provide by the bride £280.

A 3 tier sponge cake 6" 8" 10" plain regal icing, single hand crafted rose or peony on top, ribbon pearls or diamante with a wide bow and brooch on bottom tier £480 or with fresh flowers provide by the bride £440.

A very deep 3 tiered 6" 8" 10"  sponge cake,  simply iced in  regal icing trim and decorated with a single large peony , anenome, sunflower, gerbera  or rose, ribbon £530 or with fresh flowers provided by the bride £490.

For square cakes add another £10 per tier and for fruit cakes add another £35 per tier.

Cutting cakes for behind the scenes portions can also be purchased.



Wedding cakes can be delivered and set up at the wedding venue, for this service there will be a delivery charge, this will vary according to the distance travelled from the shop in Midhurst. A free pick up option is available from the shop.


Previous Designs

Blue and Cream

6 "top tier floral sponge wedding cake with soft organza ribbon.


Vintage Lace and Roses

Single top tier used as part of a cuopcake tower with a 6" top tier.


Rustic Wedding

A 3 tier triple layer cake with Crystalised fresh rose petals and tumbling fresh fruit with fresh gypsophila. This particular rustic wedding cake had a lemon sponges with raspberry buttercream and fresh raspberries.


Modern Butter Cream

Quadruple layered flavoured sponges with butter cream finish and cake toppers.


Blue Orchid

Blue orchid and Cala lily 3 tier wedding cake wedding cake with lily of the valley, freesias and cobalt blue soft organza ribbon.


Romantic Cascading Rose

3 tier sponge 10", 8", 6". Handcrafted sugar flowers and ivory regal icing.


Mauve and Cream Vintage

Vintage mauve and cream 4 tier wedding cake, handcrafted vintage roses, with pearls and soft aubergine organza ribbon.


Peony Petal Wedding Cake

A 4 tier white wedding cake with large centre piece peony and tumbling peony petal with blush edges.


Traditional White and Pastel Yellow

White and pastel yellow traditional style 5 tier wedding cake with cameos and yellow daisies and a handcrafted spray of withe roses.



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